List of artworks by artist BLEK LE RAT (1951 - )

Born in 1951, it is while traveling to New-York in 1971 that Blek Le Rat discovered grafittis on the walls and trains of the city. Impressed by this means of expression and because he also wanted to develop his style, while Banksy wa still a child in the 1980's, Blek started to paint his stencils on Paris's walls.

Starting simply with rats, scattered all aound the city, Blek opted then for characters, represented in full-scale. In the early 90's he was arrested for vandalism, he then decided to stick posters on which he had painted his stencils in advance. consequently, when caught red-handed by the police he just had to take the poster off and flee. His work is also very committed, denouncing the wrongs of our society. 

BLEK LE RAT is born Xavier Prou in Boulogne-Billancourt, Paris.

After graduating high school, in 1971, he studies at the Beaux Arts and, during a summer trip, discovers graffiti in New York. In those days, ZLOTYKAMIEN is the only one to act out in Paris, and Prou starts with no conscience of graffiti techniques.

Finding spray paint is not easy, those for sale are intended for car paint professional. Street artist Blek le Rat is revered and acknowledged by the international graffiti community, and his work has influenced many of street artists, BANKSY at first.

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Showing 1 - 5 of 5 items