List of artworks by artist Ernest PIGNON-ERNEST (1942 - )

Ernest Pignon-Ernest was born in Nice in 1942. One owes him many "urban interventions". He put as well as painted, drawn, and serigraphied images on city walls or on phone cabins on the streets.

Those urban collages are like photographic testimonies that mend with the urban architecture. Ernest Pignon-Ernest denounces a form of art made for museums and exhibitions. Ernest Pignon-Ernest personally descbribes his work as a means to catch the essence of a place. He takes inspiration from the history of the place and the memories. Then he inscribes an elaborated image on it when he is in his workshop. That image is generally the drawing of a human representation at the first scale, reproduced in serigraphy. Ernest Pignon-Ernest sets up his work himself in situ, during the night. 


No artworks for this artist.