List of artworks by artist Shepard FAIREY | OBEY (1970 - )

Shepard Fairey, also called Obey, born in Charleston (South Carolina, United States) in 1970 discovered in the late 80’s Marhall McLuhan, the sociologist specialized in media communication and took over the slogan “The medium is the message”. The artist went on from that empirical principle that when an image is submitted to the eye of the spectator on a repetitive and insistent basis it becomes significant. He began with covering the walls of his city with slogans and obedience orders that act like subliminal messages, the format became a piece of propaganda and fit in an artistic move...

Shepard Fairey
, born Frank Shepard Fairey, February 15, 1970, in Charleston, South Carolina.

While was an illustration student at RISD in 1992, Shepard fairey created his first graphic venture in same time to showcase his emerging design and silkscreen printing talents. He created stickers, t-shirts, skateboards, and posters which were all available via black and white mail order catalogs that he distributed. (Biography from THEGIANT.ORG).

Considered as a propagandist artist who denounce oppressive politics and environmentals problems in all the world. He is involved in several disciplines of art, as well as painting, screenprint creator, book publisher, music creator... and more. He is one of major Urban artist. He was known mostly for the Obama portrait he had created for the campaign in 2008. has organized in october 2015 a didactic exhibition on the Obey's artwork.

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