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  • ARDPG (1980 - )

    ARDPG is born in Périgueux in 1980. He chose this pseudonym in order to better blend in the urban landscape. In the halls of the RATP metro where passersby stride he hangs posters with public service reminders, in metro carriages he diffuses humoristic public notices in the form of pointed aphorisms, which make hurried commuters smile.

  • Ben EINE (1970 - )

    Eine (British, b.1970) is a street artist who was born in London, UK as Ben Flynn. He is most famous for his work Alphabet Street, but gained international fame when one of his works was presented to President Obama as a gift. Eine started out as a writer, and then eventually transitioned into a street artist. He specializes in creating work on store-fronts that consist of over-sized letters and bright colors.

  • BEN | Benjamin Vautier (1935 - )

    Ben is born on july 1935 in Naples, Italy. He was one of the precursory members of the "Fluxus" movement, along with Al Hansen and John Cage.

    It brought Ben closer to the "École de Nice" before becoming one of the main tutelary figures. His message - a few words that hurl truths about anything and everything- directs itself mainly at the spectator’s point of view and not at the mind. Ben took to signing everything that fell into his hands, even the work of other artists, thus denouncing the megalomania of art.

  • BLEK LE RAT (1951 - )

    Born in 1951, it is while traveling to New-York in 1971 that Blek Le Rat discovered grafittis on the walls and trains of the city. Impressed by this means of expression and because he also wanted to develop his style, while Banksy wa still a child in the 1980's, Blek started to paint his stencils on Paris's walls.

    Starting simply with rats, scattered all aound the city, Blek opted then for characters, represented in full-scale. In the early 90's he was arrested for vandalism, he then decided to stick posters on which he had painted his stencils in advance. consequently, when caught red-handed by the police he just had to take the poster off and flee. His work is also very committed, denouncing the wrongs of our society. 


    BURN CREW, is a duo of young French artists who was inspired by the graphism and the techno sounds of 80's. Some composition of them makes us feeling as we immersed in the legendary movie TRON.

  • Ernest PIGNON-ERNEST (1942 - )

    Ernest Pignon-Ernest was born in Nice in 1942. One owes him many "urban interventions". He put as well as painted, drawn, and serigraphied images on city walls or on phone cabins on the streets.

    Those urban collages are like photographic testimonies that mend with the urban architecture. Ernest Pignon-Ernest denounces a form of art made for museums and exhibitions. Ernest Pignon-Ernest personally descbribes his work as a means to catch the essence of a place. He takes inspiration from the history of the place and the memories. Then he inscribes an elaborated image on it when he is in his workshop. That image is generally the drawing of a human representation at the first scale, reproduced in serigraphy. Ernest Pignon-Ernest sets up his work himself in situ, during the night. 

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  • FAILE (1999 - )

    FAILE is a Brooklyn-based artistic collaboration between Patrick McNeil (b. 1975, Edmonton, CA) and Patrick Miller (b. 1976, Minneapolis, MN). Since its inception in 1999, FAILE is known for their pioneering use of wheatpainting in the increasingly established arena of street art, and for their explorations of duality through a fragmented style of appropriation and collage. During this time, FAILE adapted its signature mass culture-driven iconography to a wide array of media, from wooden boxes and window pallets to more traditional canvas, prints, sculptures, stencils, multimedia installation, and prayer wheels.

  • FAUCHEUR Jean (1956 - )

    Born on 14th June 1956 in Paris, Jean Faucheur found his style in the 80's through urban interventions of which he is one of the forrunnuers. He produced paper artworks as early as 1982 that he stretched on Paris's billboards. He co-founded the painters collective "Les Frères Ripoulin", exhibited in New York at the Tony Shafrazy Galery, the famous Keith Haring gallery, Futura 2000 and Basquiat, organised wild exhibitions in the parisian underground, as well as at the Palace and exhibited at the Agnès b. gallery.

  • GILBERT1 (1980)

    GILBERT1 is a french Urban artist born in 1980. His career led him to perform many wild projects in disused and forgotten places, and these worlds have become over time a real source of inspiration. So the wastes of the past, of industries, of men, of society, but also of his own productions are now the founding elements of his creations.

  • HARING Keith (1958 - 1990)

    Keith HARING was born in 1958 and died young in 1990. He was an activistic artist whose work responded to street culture of the 1980s by expressing against social, political or financial oppression. His imagery is based on comic's caracters in simple composition and has become a recognized visual language.

  • INVADER (1969 - )

    INVADER is an artist that defines himself a ULA (Unidentified living artist), he took Invader as a nickname and appears always with a mask. This way he can go to his own exhibitions without the visitors noticing his identity or that they even notice his presence when he is standing by them! Since 1998 he developed a great scale project under the code name: Space Invaders that consisted in placing creations made with tiles and representing characters from the game on Paris’ walls and then other cities across the world. Each of these pieces became the fragment of a monumental artwork. Source:

  • KATRE (1977 - )

    KATRE is a french grafitti artist. For numerous years he has been roaming around great cities looking for walls to paint and met several artists with whom he collaborated. He was able to develop his own style: distorted jerky letters that he confronts with ruined urban environments. One can retrieve his world in his artworks at his workshop: colored, energetic and stupendous letterings, neat and breaking the geometry of the lines, linings with monochromatic prints in font. The artist copies photographies, generally his own that he prints in black and white then reworks on them with his writing game (his name = his signature) bringing a dynamic and striking contrast. 

  • KAWS (1974 - )

    Brian Donelly alias Kaws to his real surname, is an american artist born in the near outbound of New York in 1974.

    His artwork slowly distanced itself from graffiti, from which he started, in order to evolve towards more figurative subjects/themes and influenced by Pop Art. He used the codes of that movement to which andy Warhol was very attached, he reinterpreted (tele)visual elements of pop culture and used mass production medias to share his creations. In 2006 he opened a gallery shop Original Fake, copied on the model of Keith Haring’s Pop Shop  (created on the advice of Andy Warhol).

  • L'OUTSIDER (1984 - )

    Born in 1984 in Brittany, The Outsider (L'outsider) discovered Graffiti in 2001. He  grew a passion for this art and used his own style of lettering on which he keeps on working, consequently creating varied types of typographies.

  • LAZOO (1969 - )

    LAZOO is born in 1969 in Paris, a member from the Graffiti PArisian Crew MAC he started to work and place stencils in the urban environment since 1986 in Paris. Influenced by Comics his work is close to the illustration. He collaborated with many editions in the music press, in particular with BEST, Rock’n’folk, and "L’Affiche magazine" since 1990.

    Lazoo collaborated in 1992 at "Rapline", the famous TV show which talked to HIP HOP culture featured by Olivier Cachin on M6, and work with "Big Cheese Records" in a serie of Album vinyl covers.

  • ROTI - Pierre SASSONE (1988 - )

    ROTI was born in 1988 in France. He is considered as an activist because of his artistic commitments but also political ones. He became famous in 2013 for his stands on the rights of the oppressed ones. A marble stone statute set up in Ukraine that is a symbol for political oppression known by the Ukrainian people is a proof of his actions. 

  • Shepard FAIREY | OBEY (1970 - )

    Shepard Fairey, also called Obey, born in Charleston (South Carolina, United States) in 1970 discovered in the late 80’s Marhall McLuhan, the sociologist specialized in media communication and took over the slogan “The medium is the message”. The artist went on from that empirical principle that when an image is submitted to the eye of the spectator on a repetitive and insistent basis it becomes significant. He began with covering the walls of his city with slogans and obedience orders that act like subliminal messages, the format became a piece of propaganda and fit in an artistic move...

  • SPEEDY GRAPHITO (1961 - )

    Olivier Rizzo alias SPEEDY GRAPHITO is born in Paris in 1961. He was one of the pioneers of the French ‘Street art’ movement since the 80's. He has invented pictorial languages and codes that are iconoclastic and satirical of our society. His art is part of life itself, mixed with pictures in the media culture.

  • VINYLS & CDs

    Please find here our selection of vinyl covers or compact disc designed by contemporary artists coming mainly from Urban Art. Some of them are unique, other signed by artist or the singer.

    Here is the link of our social media partner talking about our exhibition organized on december 2016 at Loftdu34 Gallery in Paris.

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