Claude VIALLAT - sans titre (1988)

Beautiful suite of 6 monotypes on BFK Rives vellum paper, signed and numbered respectively “B1”, “B2”, “B3”, “B4”, “B5” and “B6” in pencil.

Size 30 x 30 cm (each)
Directed by Claude Viallat at the School of Fine Arts in Nîmes, the suite consists of the repetition of a single motif enhanced with colors on the finger.
Publisher: Collectif Génération, Paris
Printer: François Dezeuze, Nîmes

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3 600 €

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A serial phenomenon, the unique pattern of Claude Viallat's work is that of a solid, irregular and inclined rectangle. The form, which can evoke a bean, an ossicle or a sponge, is neither organic, nor geometric, nor figurative, nor abstract. It constitutes a neutral motif that allows the artist to free himself from the choice of subject.

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